Mapua is a brand that started along the shores of Lake Como thanks to an idea of Kuoni Invernizzi, which decided, after a long course of study in fashion design, to put her passion for knitwear and sportswear into practice.

The name of the brand “Mapua” comes from a small region in the northern island of New Zealand, motherland for the production of the high quality raw yarns used to realise Mapua’s garment.

The release of the garments will be in chapters, each aimed is telling a story from Kuoni’s life, just like in a book.

The garments in each chapter will be unique garments of their kind, the result of the combination of creativity, quality of the yarn and meticulous attention to detail.

Our pullovers are made from seven different yarns, taking between five and seven hours to be knitted and another six to be assembled, produced by historic knitters in the province of Lecco who still work thread after thread by hand. The limited quantities are just to make them even more unique in their kind.

Our sportswear items are made from organic cotton, we use fibers that are responsibly grown, without the use of toxic pesticides;
We recognize, understand and promote the importance of using alternatives to conventional cotton because uconventional methods of cotton production involve the use of toxic pesticides, which infamously contaminate the runoff water, causing severe harm to the surrounding ecosystems.