As part of Mapua’s commitment to sustainability, Kuoni is continually researching and implementing new methods to lower each collection’s environmental impact.


I like to "say what I do and do what I say", because I believe that sustainability is above all a matter of commitment and transparency. Prioritizing sustainability is no longer an option, it is a duty.


1. Protect nature, conserve soil, water, air and biodiversity through responsible sourcing of materials and production.

2. Carbon footprint, contribute to global carbon neutrality by carrying out activities to reduce CO2 emissions.

3. Circularity, minimizing processing and packaging waste at the production and consumption levels, working towards a circular economy.


It’s not the sustainable garment that costs too much, but fast fashion that costs too little. The price on our garments it’s due to the fact that in each of our collection we utilise natural yarns of animal origin, certified organic cotton GOTS, as well as certified recycled cotton GRS and, if necessary, certified recycled polyester GRS. The selection of specific fibres has a considerable impact on the durability of a garment, and on how easily that same garment could be recycled; therefore, a higher price defines either the quality of the product and its environmental footprint.

The garments on our sportswear line are much more than simple tracksuits, thanks to their ethic value.
Since the beginning we selected only the finest 100% biological cotton, produced from non-genetically modified seeds and grown without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilisers. Growing organic cotton ensures that no chemicals are released into the ground or in nearby rivers, lakes or seas. In this way the water used for organic cultivation does not go to waste, as it could be reused and can return safely to the soil and to other water sources. The overall positive effect on water, soil and biodiversity ensures that the well-being and livelihoods of cotton farmers and their communities are respected and protected.